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Flavors: Blue Raspberry Kiwi Lemonade
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Cali Boxx Vape Features:

  • Disposable Vape Box Device
  • 5% nicotine
  • 10mL of e-liquid
  • 4000 puffs per device

      Calo Boxx Vape is available in 18 flavors that deliver a premium vaping experience!

      Cali Pods accepted the task of perfecting the boxed chassis as the market for vape devices shifted toward the giant puff boxed style. With the Cali Boxx Vape, you'll have a firm and comfortable grip thanks to the sleek box's premium plastic and rubber construction. A rounded container rests comfortably in your hand's palm and prevents it from sliding out. The flavoring and redesigned funnel mouthpiece increase your vaping rhythm and keep you in sync. This gadget will make you feel like you just released the newest and most excellent album.

      To get the fulfillment you've been seeking from your puffing experience, try the brand-new 4000+ puff Cali Boxx. When it comes to vape, nothing beats a mesh coil mixed with 5% Salt Nicotine. This vape box will not disappoint you, as it is loaded with the most delicate combination of potent tasting e-juice and the ideal 10mL tank. The fact that it's made by Cali Pods, a leading company that produces some of the greatest disposable vapes on the market, is definitely a plus!

      Cali BOXX Flavors:

      Blue Raspberry Kiwi Lemonade: If you're up for a very complex taste combination, this is the drink for you. It has the best flavor since it is made of blue raspberries, kiwis, and lemonade.

      Blue Raspberry Lemonade: a flavor that has become a classic, with two flavors that combine wonderfully to excite your taste buds: blue raspberry lemonade. There are blue raspberries and a tangy lemonade taste in it.

      Frozen Banana is the perfect vape for those who want to have their taste buds smothered with flavor. In combination with menthol, the ripe banana flavor is reminiscent of a frozen banana treat.

      Frozen Blueberry is the one you'll like vaping the most because of the fantastic taste combination it features. Its excellent flavor comes from the combination of acidic blueberries and icy menthol.

      Frozen Blackberry: those who appreciate the flavor of blackberries, here's a unique take on the classic: icy blackberry. The blackberry flavor is prominent and complemented by a cool hit of menthol that will make you shiver.

      Frozen Kiwi Lemonade: we can't wait for you to sample our frozen kiwi lemonade, which will cover your taste senses in an intoxicating sea of excellent flavor. Combining kiwi, lemonade, and icy menthol creates a unique and delicious flavor.

      Frozen Lush is a taste that has grown ubiquitous in the world of vape juice. There's a refreshing menthol kick to go along with the sweet watermelon taste.

      Frozen mixed berries can satisfy your want for a fruity snack without overpowering your taste buds. It's the most thrilling vape because it has a refreshing kick of icy menthol.

      Frozen Peach and discover a heavenly medley of tastes that will warm your heart and satisfy your every need. The blend's peach flavor is calming, and the icy menthol notes round it out well.

      Frozen Pineapple – Forget your troubles and jump into a refreshing pool of pineapple and menthol tastes. It's a stimulating vaporizer, and you'll want to smoke it whenever you get the chance.

      Frozen Strawberry Cream: Make the most of your day with the help of the Frozen Strawberry Cream vape combination, which you will want to use again and again. Juicy strawberries, rich cream, and the minty freshness of menthol combine to create this delicious flavor.

      Frozen Strawberry Kiwi is an incredible flavor combination that will blow your mind. The vape juice has a refreshing menthol kick and tastes like red strawberries and kiwis.

      Frozen Watermelon Raspberry: relax on a bed of intense flavor that you'll enjoy from the very first puff of Frozen Watermelon Raspberry. Watermelons, raspberries, and icy menthol perfectly harmonize in this tasty vape.

      Mighty Mint: prepare to have your tastebuds blown by the incredible mint flavor in this vape juice. It has mint's sweet, cold, and refreshing flavor, which is a favorite among many.

      Strawberry Banana: indulge in a new culinary adventure with Strawberry Banana, a classic combination of flavors you'll enjoy from the first puff to the last.

      Strawberry Watermelon: If you're seeking a flavor that will keep you satisfied again and over, go no further than this combination of strawberries and watermelons. It would be best if you gave this other all-day vape a try.

      Tropical Mango from the tropics will put you at ease with its exploding tastes. It has the delicious flavor of tropical mangoes and will remind you of summer for a long time.

      Watermelon — This is the most incredible watermelon taste available. It has the same delicious flavor you're used to, but without the annoying seeds. The real taste of watermelon, you won't want to miss this.

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        Rapid delivery

        Excellent. Fast delivery

        Kathleen T.
        United States United States

        They had what I wanted.

        Couldn’t find it locally, found VapeHoop online and so glad I did. Very fast shipping, and no problems at all. My new go too.

        Sylvia M.
        United States United States


        Very Good, Flaver, and Very Good Draw

        Vera B.
        United States United States


        They owe me a refund for a package that was returned to them. By their carrier for still unknown reasons. TGIS WAS IN DECEMBER. I have since reached out 8 different times and nobody responded. So, apparently they feel it's ok to just not answer and keep my money! BUYER BEWARE - IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM THEY DON'T ANSWER EMAIL. THEY DONT HAVE A PGONE NUMBER TO CALL EITHER. If you get a defective product, oh well too bad, you're stuck.

        Penni K.
        United States United States


        I ordered a package back in December that for an unknown reason was returned to Vape Hoop. I have sent 8 separate emails asking for my refund since I didn't receive my items. NOT ONE SINGLE email has been answered. Vape Hoop has not refunded me for the approximate ly $106 it cost me with shipping. I guess they feel that stealing from customers is ok! I have been trying to resolve this since DECEMBER. SO with all of that said, I would be extremely cautious if you purchase from them because if you have a problem they won't help you. I have also received defective items that needed to be replaced with an exchange...also never fixed. I have found another online retailer who is cheaper, has a better variety of flavors and WONDERFUL customer service.I now use them for everything.

        Penni K.
        United States United States

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