Dummy Vapes 8000 Vape Disposable

Flavors: Alien Invasion
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Dummy Vapes 8000 Vape Disposable: 

  • pre-filled with 18mL of e-liquid
  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • 650 mAh battery capacity
  • Approximately 8000 puff per device
  • QUAQ Mesh Coil

Dive into a world of bold flavors and striking design with Dummy Vapes' 18ML Disposable Pod Device. Echoing the dynamic energy of 6ix9ine, these rechargeable pods redefine the vaping experience.

Features that Define Excellence

  • 8000-Puff Longevity: Enjoy an enduring vaping experience, with up to 8000 puffs that keep you engaged and satisfied.
  • Perfect 1.1Ω Resistance: Experience optimal vapor production and a smooth draw, courtesy of the 1.1Ω resistance.
  • 5% Nicotine Salt Concentration: Savor a strong and pleasing hit with the precisely formulated 5% nicotine salt blend.
  • 18ml E-Liquid Capacity: Relish uninterrupted flavor with a generous 18ml e-liquid chamber.
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery: With Type-C charging, the robust 650mAh battery ensures your vape is always ready to perform.
  • Innovative QUAQ Mesh Coil: The advanced QUAQ Mesh Coil technology guarantees consistency and flavor richness.
  • E-Liquid & Battery Indicators: Stay informed with LED indicators, giving you an immediate read on e-liquid and battery levels.

A Flavor Spectrum that Dazzles and Delights

Dummy Vapes isn't just a device; it's a flavor experience. Explore 20 mesmerizing options:

  • Alien Invasion: An otherworldly concoction that tantalizes.
  • Bad Berry: Wild berry essence, both daring and delicious.
  • Brooklyn Blue: Cool blueberry, capturing urban sophistication.
  • Clear: A fresh and unadorned taste for pure enjoyment.
  • Cosmic Blast: A celestial explosion of fruity delight.
  • Dummy Dream: A fanciful blend that inspires imagination.
  • Fizzy Lemon: Bright lemon fizz, effervescent and lively.
  • Gangsta Punch: A bold, assertive punch of layered flavors.
  • Gooba Grape: Vibrant grape notes that entice and entertain.
  • Guava Frenzy: An ecstatic dance of tropical guava.
  • Gummo Gummy: A chewy celebration of gummy sweetness.
  • Kika Kiwi: Tangy kiwi, both zesty and invigorating.
  • King Of NY: A regal and refined fusion for true connoisseurs.
  • Rainbow Rapper: A colorful medley of fruit harmonies.
  • Redd Dummy: Captivating red fruit blend, bold and engaging.
  • Stoopid Strawberry: Fun-loving strawberry that's simply irresistible.
  • Tobacco: A tribute to tradition, robust and satisfying.
  • Trollz Twist: A whimsical whirl of unexpected flavors.
  • Twisted Tangy: A tangy thrill that sparks excitement.
  • Wacky Watermelon: Quirky watermelon charm that refreshes.

Embrace the Dummy Vapes Experience

The Dummy Vapes 18ML Disposable Pod Device is more than a vaping tool; it's an expression of personality, a celebration of innovation, and an invitation to savor every moment. With eye-catching designs inspired by 6ix9ine's flair and a wide spectrum of flavors, Dummy Vapes challenges convention and elevates enjoyment. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your journey, Dummy Vapes offers an experience that's rich in taste, style, and originality. Make a statement, enjoy the uniqueness, and let Dummy Vapes add color and excitement to your vaping world. Experience it today, and let each puff be a vibrant adventure.


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