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Introducing the EVO Bar ET5000, a zero-nicotine disposable vape that does not compromise on flavor or performance. Perfect for vapers who prefer a nicotine-free experience, this device is equipped with a powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery and a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring up to 5000 puffs of pure enjoyment. Designed for convenience, the ET5000 features a Type-C charging port, mesh coil heating for superior flavor delivery, and a draw-activated firing mechanism for easy use.

Superior Design and Exclusive Flavors

Choose between the Original and Black Edition, each offering exclusive flavors that cater to your taste. Whether you prefer classic or adventurous tastes, the EVO Bar ET5000 provides a wide range of options that will satisfy any palate. This proud American product highlights a commitment to quality and innovation in every puff.


  • Nicotine-Free / 0% Nicotine: Ideal for those looking to enjoy vaping without nicotine.
  • 13ml E-Liquid Capacity: Pre-filled with ample e-liquid for long-lasting use.
  • 5000 Puffs Approx.: Designed to deliver numerous sessions before needing a replacement.
  • 650mAh Rechargeable Battery: Integrated battery with Type-C charging for efficient power management.
  • Mesh Coil Heating: Enhances the flavor extraction, providing a clean and intense taste.
  • Draw Activated Firing Mechanism: Simple and straightforward operation with no buttons required.

A Proud American Product

Embodying the spirit of innovation and quality, the EVO Bar ET5000 is a testament to superior American craftsmanship in the vaping industry.

Enjoy a satisfying vape experience with the EVO Bar ET5000 ZERO Nicotine Disposable Vape, where performance, convenience, and flavor meet the needs of modern vapers.

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