Hand Shake 15000 Disposable Vape

Flavors: Apple Gummies
Type: Starter Kit (Charging Station and Disposable Pod)
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Hand Shake 15000 Puffs by NORTH Disposable Vape

Unveil a new dimension of vaping with the HandShake Vape by North, a disposable vape that combines cutting-edge technology with substantial puff capacity. Designed for vapers who seek both style and performance, this device ensures every puff is a celebration of innovation and flavor.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Puff Count: Enjoy up to 15,000 puffs from a single device, thanks to a generous 10mL e-liquid capacity.
  • Optimal Nicotine Strength: Contains 5% nicotine, providing a satisfying hit with every inhale.
  • Advanced Battery System: Equipped with a 300mAh Smart C-Disposable battery, complemented by Powerpack recharge capabilities, offering extended usability and consistent performance.
  • Innovative HD Screen: Features a vibrant, interactive HD display that enriches your vaping experience with multiple animations and intuitive touch button functionality.
  • Dual Mesh Coil Technology: Ensures exceptional vapor production and rich flavor delivery, making each puff as satisfying as the last.
  • Smart Touch Lock/Unlock: Enhances ease of use with a smart touch feature to lock or unlock the device, adding a layer of security and convenience.
  • Dynamic Charging Animation: Provides visual confirmation of the battery’s charging status, adding an engaging touch to the device’s functionality.
  • C-Disposable Charging System: Utilizes the Smart Powerpack for efficient recharging, ensuring the device remains ready for use whenever you are.

Experience the Difference:

The HandShake Vape is not just a tool for nicotine delivery; it’s a gadget that stands at the forefront of vaping technology. Its sleek design, combined with a user-friendly interface and robust build, makes it a top choice for those who appreciate technology and quality.

Ideal For:

Tech-savvy vapers who demand convenience, longevity, and a superior vaping experience. Whether you’re on the go, at home, or in social settings, the HandShake Vape by North is your perfect companion, ensuring a stylish, satisfying, and hassle-free vaping journey.

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