Hyde N-BAR MINI Vape

Flavors: Blue Razz Ice
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Hyde N-BAR MINI Vape Features:

  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Device per package
  • 2500 puffs
  • battery capacity: 800mAh 

The Hyde N-Bar is back, and it's now even smaller than before. The Hyde Mini has the same stylish look as the Hyde, but it is smaller and easier to carry. This Hyde Vape gives you about 2500 puffs with the same great taste that we all know and love. It comes in 25 flavors that are very strong and will make your mouth water. Even though this mini is smaller, there is no doubt that it still packs a punch.

Hyde NBar mini Vape Flavors:

  • Minty O's: Cool, minty taste of menthol.
  • Strawberry, lemon, and lime are all in this drink.
  • Blue Razz Ice is a mixture of blue raspberry and menthol.
  • Boba Shake is the delicious milk tea that everyone loves.
  • Coconut Crumble is a dessert that tastes like different kinds of coconut.
  • Cotton Cloudz tastes like sweet cotton candy.
  • Honeydew and strawberries make up "Dewberry."
  • Vanilla Fresh: Warm and new Vanilla
  • Fruit punch is a blend of different fruits.
  • Lemon ice cream has a creamy taste with hints of lemon and vanilla.
  • Loops are a cereal mix that tastes like fruit.
  • Mandarin Lime: Cool citrus tastes in Mandarin Lime.
  • Mango Peach Apricot is a mix of mangos, peaches & apricots that tastes fruity.
  • Peach: The parts of a peach that are sweet and juicy.
  • Creamy peaches and vanilla are in peach ice cream.
  • Peach Lemon is about peaches and lemons fighting.
  • Mango Peaches & Cream is a mix of mango, peach, and vanilla cream.
  • Philippine Mango: A sweet mango flavor.
  • Rainbow: Candies of many different colors.
  • Raspberry and watermelons were mixed together to make watermelon.
  • Sour Apple Ice is a drink made of sour apples and ice.
  • Strawberry Guava Ice: Strawberries and guavas with cool menthol.
  • Strawberry ice cream is a mixture of strawberry and vanilla ice cream.
  • Tropical: All the classic flavors of the tropics mixed together to make paradise.
  • Watermelon Ice Cream: Ice cream made with watermelon and vanilla.

Again, the bar has been raised. The popular HYDE N-BAR has been shrunk down to make the Hyde N-Bar Mini. This disposable cigarette keeps its "Nord Style" design and has about 2500 puffs. If you want a smaller, more portable disposable that will really satisfy your taste buds, the Hyde N-Bar Mini has over twenty perfected flavor combinations that will do just that.

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