Juicy J 7000 Vape Disposable

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Flavors: Clear (Load It Up)
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Juicy J 7000 Vape Disposable: 

  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • Approximately 7000 puffs per device
  • 13mL of eLiquid
  • Mesh Coil
  • 550 mah


Delve into the universe of exceptional vaping with the Juicy J J7K, a product that magnifies the embodiment of invincible quality, unyielding performance, and peerless flavor deliverance. Inspired by the influential artist Juicy J himself, this device isn't merely a tool; it's a revelation in the vaping world, bringing forth an experience that’s both bold and impressively long-lasting.

Luxuriant Puffing Experience Upto 7000 Puffs

The J7K emerges with a monumental puff capacity of 7000 puffs, ensuring a lusciously long-lasting vaping encounter that goes on and on. Whether you’re amidst the bustling cityscape or secluded in the tranquil countryside, the J7K becomes your persistent companion, always ready to deliver that splendid puff when you desire.

13 ML E-liquid Capacity: A Reservoir of Rich, Vibrant Flavors

Possessing a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity, every puff unveils a new chapter of intense, robust flavors, allowing the user to embark on a kaleidoscopic journey of 8 different tastes, each one a unique symphony. With flavors like Double Apple (Lolli Lolli) that invokes the vibrant, sweet, and slightly tangy symphony of apples, and Exotic Fanty (Bandz AMHD) offering a fantastical escape into a tropical realm, every option is a doorway to a new experience.

Impeccable Flavor Delivery with Mesh Coil Technology

Mesh Coil Technology is seamlessly integrated into this disposable device to offer an unbeatable, rich, and smooth flavor output. This technology not only ensures longevity but also guarantees each puff is as flavorful as the last, upholding a uniform and consistent taste voyage from the first to the 7000th puff.

Balanced Nicotine Hit with Dual Strength Options

The J7K prioritizes providing a balanced, satisfying nicotine hit by presenting options of 5% and 3% Nicotine Salt strengths. Whether you seek a potent, throat-hitting experience or a softer, subtler inhale, the J7K is tailored to meet the satisfaction of every user.

Bask in the Assurance with a 550mAh Built-In Battery

Equipped with a formidable 550mAh built-in battery, the J7K champions not just longevity in puffs but in battery endurance too. Now, immerse yourself in persistent vaping sessions without the worry of unexpected power downtimes.

A Glimpse of Precision: E-Liquid & Battery Display Screen

The user-friendly display screen subtly incorporated into the sleek design of the J7K keeps you informed. It provides a real-time update of your e-liquid and battery status, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard and always ready to embark on your next vaping adventure.

Unhindered Charging with Type-C Port

With a conveniently located Type-C charging port, the J7K ensures that recharging your device is quick, efficient, and hassle-free, maintaining a continual vaping escapade that’s unhindered and unbroken.

Unveiling 8 Eclectic, Mesmeric Flavors

  • Clear (Load It Up): A crystal clear, immaculate flavor experience that refreshes and revitalizes with every puff.
  • Double Apple (Lolli Lolli): An enthralling amalgamation of sweetness and a tiny tang, recreating the enchanting taste of ripe apples.
  • Exotic Fanty (Bandz AMHD): Dive into a tropical fantasy, where every puff is a burst of exotic fruits serenading your senses.
  • Exotic Paan (Bounce It): An entwining of tradition and modernity, offering a refreshingly sweet, minty, and slightly spicy essence.
  • Juicy Pineapple (Stay Fly): Relish in the tropical, sweet, and tart notes of ripe pineapples, which cascade over your taste buds with delight.
  • Love 69 (One Of Those Nights): A mysterious, bewitching blend that entices and captivates with its undisclosed magic.
  • Mango Mania (SOS Syrup): Engage in a tantalizing tale where the lush, sweet, and slightly tangy notes of mango rule supremely.
  • Mint (SOMK): A palate-cleansing wave of refreshing, cool mint that soothes and invigorates your senses.

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