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Mr Fog Disposable Vape: 

  • Disposable Vape pre-filled with 1.5mL of e-liquid
  • 6% salt nicotine concentration

Bubble Gum:

Swathe your palate in a soothing sensation of Bubbalicious bubble gum, except the one you don’t have to chew and spit out! This is a mild in strength goodness whose flavor never disappears!

Mr Fog Vape Watermelon:

The classic tang of the fruity essence of watermelon manifests itself as a sweet delicatessen. Puff away with your favorite new flavor and see how good your senses are capable of making you feel!


The great thing about  Mint flavor is that it tastes just like the leaf itself, with no harsh chemical flavors! Enjoy a refreshing kick to the senses, which evicts any remaining undesirable sensations!

Disposable Mr Fog Grape:

Ready or not, the legendary sweet grape makes a comeback with every single puff when it comes to this flavor. Definitely made it taste like the real deal this time around!

Pina Colada:

Embrace a luscious beach drink flavored vapor, imbibed with a blend of sweet coconuts. You get a medium bodied blast of perfection with every single puff, so consider this your new favorite go-to!

Mr.Fog Strawberry:

Dive into a sweet, but pungent flavorful essence of a freshly picked strawberry with every puff. With this product, you get a mild bodied goodness like none other to satiate your desires!

Mr. Fog Disposable Vape Mango:

Rated as one of the most popular fruity flavors, this saccharine wonder brings the best of flavors straight from the tropics. Gentle on the palate, each puff will satisfy your innermost thirsts!

Blueberry Mango:

An unlikely combination serves as a delicatessen designed to conciliate the senses with Blueberry Mango. Enjoy a mild, palatable taste that will bring out every single quality from your senses.

Pink Lemonade:

A sweet and sour concoction, blended with the consumer in mind has come to the rescue. Enjoy a gentle blend, which serves to deliver a flavor emulating the famous lemonade itself.

Mr Fog Vape Pineapple:

What you see is what you get, and with this blend you get the wonders of both sweetness and pungency in one. Allow this vape pen deliver a mild bodied masterpiece straight to your senses!

Mr Fog Vape Pen Cola Gummies:

There is a guarantee that this sweet and soft flavor is truly one of its kind out there. Imagine a soothing smell of coca cola emanating from your drink; now see what it tastes like with this product!

Lush Ice:

Delight yourself with a refreshing combination of watermelon and wintry essences with this concoction. Balanced perfectly with a mild flavor, this product will bring only happiness to your senses.

Mr Fog Blueberry:

For the lovers of pungency, this vape blend is the right way to go. Enjoy a sour sensation with a tad bit of sweetness to top it off, for this Disposable won’t disappoint!

Mr Fog Sour Apple:

With this blend, your senses will see an amiable introduction to the pure joy of the Granny Smith Apple. Medium bodied in its essence of strength, you need not worry about overloading your senses!

Mr Fog Strawberry Banana:

What is better, this blend or the smoothie? We assure you that the light sourness intermingled with the overtly sweet essence of this product will permanently answer that inquiry.

Mr Fog Watermelon Raspberry:

The point of the Watermelon Raspberry Disposable is to fuse together the sweet and refreshing flavors of the watermelon with the mildly sour raspberry. And the point has been made with this mild bodied delight!

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