Vyve 10000 Disposable Vape

Flavors: Blueberry Mint
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Vyve 10000 Disposable Vape: 

  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • 10000 puffs per device
  • Doesn't require to be refilled/recharged
  • Pre-filled with 20mL of E-Juice
  • Smart Display

Dive into an unparalleled vaping experience with Vyve’s 10,000 Puff Disposable Vape! Crafted for the discerning vaper, this device offers an impressive fusion of longevity and exquisite flavor, assuring satisfaction from the first to the ten-thousandth puff. With an array of 12 tantalizing flavors, there’s a perfect match waiting for every palate.

Technological Prowess:

Our cutting-edge Disposable Vape employs Alternating Two-Coil Technology to guarantee consistent, rich, and smooth vapor throughout its extended lifespan. Every draw activates the mechanism seamlessly, delivering a burst of flavor and the satisfying cloud you seek without any button!

Extended Life for Extended Pleasure:

Designed for endurance, enjoy up to a whopping 10,000 puffs of your favorite flavors. Whether you're a casual or a seasoned vaper, the device is engineered to cater to your vaping needs for an extended period, providing uninterrupted pleasure and satisfaction.

Charge and Go!:

Equipped with USB-C type charging, the device ensures quick and efficient energy replenishment. Please note that while the charging cable is not included in the package, the common USB-C type interface allows for convenient connection with readily available cables.

A Flavor Festival:

At Vyve, we understand that variety is the spice of life! Select from our meticulously curated, diverse range of flavors, each crafted to perfection to tantalize your taste buds. The lineup includes:

  • Blue Razz Ice: A frosty, tangy delight
  • Blueberry Mint: Sweet with a hint of cool
  • Fuji Apple: Crisp, sweet, and subtly tart
  • Mango Peach: Tropical, lush, and irresistibly sweet
  • Miami Mint: Refreshingly cool and sweet
  • Mixed Berries: A symphony of your favorite berries in a pod
  • Peach Ice: Icy cool and seductively sweet
  • Sakura Grape: A unique blend of grape with a hint of cherry blossom
  • Strawmelon: A delightful fusion of strawberry and watermelon
  • Strazz Ice: A chilling blend of strawberry and raspberry
  • Tropical Rainbow: A carnival of tropical fruits in every puff
  • Watermelon Ice: Cool, refreshing, and sweetly summery

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